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Psychology Courses

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The Practitioner: Mrs. Lee

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A seasoned private practitioner with over 20 years of experience specializing in individual, couple, and family counseling.  Emotion-focus Therapy, Focusing on Expressive Art Therapy, and Family Therapy are the key intervention modalities employed.  She is:

  • A graduate of McGill University, Canada with major in couple and family therapy
  • A trilingual counselor who is fluent in English and Putonghua with Cantonese as her mother tongue
  • An Associate Fellow of Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association
  • A lecturer of the Department of Educational Psychology, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.

With a wealth of extensive counseling experiences, Tammy is skilled in working with individuals with mental health issues, couples with complicated relationship issues, with life cycles transition, family adjustment of life of cancer and chronic illness patients during and after medical treatment, students with emotional problems, parent-child relationship difficulties, people with disabilities and trauma, etc.

1. Consultation

To increase self-understanding and relationship dynamics with online psychological assessment and debriefing by Certified Practitioner on a short-term basis. (2 Sessions)

2. Counselling

To enhance the self-awareness of life situations with wise choices during difficulties and crises of life by courses of psychological treatment. (5 sessions per course)


Special Offer

All psychological treatment courses except the first one will enjoy 10% off.


Virtual Counselling: The online counseling can be Skype, Microsoft Meet; Google Meet; Zoom, etc. Upon the choice of clients and does not allow any format of record for both parties involved. (No additional charge)

Face to Face Counselling: An extra $300 per hour venue fee will be charged