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Yoho Class

Yoho Class is a sub-brand of BasicSky Consultancy. We focus on the training facet of our online services where it is way beyond the limits of hard skills. Our team has professionals with different expertise in order to help people in facing the necessities and difficulties of the contemporary world.

Vision | Mission | Value


The emotional and spiritual needs of people are ever rising. We, as a Christian group, would like to serve people in areas where solutions are far from reach. Hope to let more people feeling peace from above in the midst of this turmoil world



Use our knowledge and experience to cultivate the land of peace in people’s hearts. In courses with both online and offline supports, participants can gain knowledge and mend relationships no matter how chaotic the world is.


We believe love is the highest value and the main reason behind all the meaningful things in this universe. With the focusing of love, all destructive influences like hatred, selfishness, and pride would be diminished and eventually cast away.

Our Focus

Using the latest technology and modern trend, we put our focus on people who are eager to learn. Relentlessly upgrading and updating our knowledge and know-how, we would ensure that you obtain more than you expected.

  • Knowledge
  • Enlightenment
  • Mindset

Let’s Learn Together! 

‘A man who reads too much and uses his own brain too little falls into lazy habits of thinking.’ –Albert Einstein. Come and let’s learn and experience life together.